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Marin Preda A murit Marin Preda.
Thomas Fuller A murit Thomas Fuller.
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If ...

Poezie de Viorel Muha, 04 oct 2017

If ...

If ...
If I planted a tree in your garden
Will you reap the fruit stopped from it to have our heaven?
If I call you a sunset to paint it in my eyes
Did you get up every morning for me?
If I choose the most beautiful spring of my life
You put all her flowers in your arms, but from me?
If I gather an autumn from my soul and give it to you
Do you pick the fruits of love with me from it?
If I made an altar for you
Does it take them by the hand to go together until the beginning of the end?
If ...

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Poezie de Viorel Muha

Viorel Muha

Născut la: 03 mai 1963

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